Monday, November 23, 2009

Ladies Hat Hoodie

Do you have problems choosing a hat which fits you well? If yes, then this is a right thing you should make for yourself. I always had and still have this problem. Hats just don't fit me, maybe only berets... After I made a hat hoodie for my little one, and I had some requests about designing similar one for ladies, I thought - it is a great idea! And here it is! It is so comfy, looks great and for sure will protect me in windy days here.
Pattern is very easy, has many photos and detailed instructions. Enjoy! :-)


codi said...

This is absolutely gorgeous. I really love the Baby Ankle Boots on your etsy shop, too. I crochet, but you are waaayyyy better than me. Love your designs! <3

emilysthreethings said...

pThank you for a lovely pattern for Uggs that I purchased through Etsy...thought you may like to see the post -