Monday, November 16, 2009

New Pattern - Cappuccino Mary Janes

I love cappuccino! I think nowhere else they make it so delicious as in Italy! Yesterday, when I finished to write a pattern for these Mary Janes and I was thinking about how to call them... I looked at them and thought about... cappuccino...! They look so soft, creamy... that at once I imagined cup with hot cappuccino, covered with steamed milk foam and cinnamon and chocolate powder...mmmm... delicious...
Well, I wish I could offer you a cup of Italian Cappuccino... :-) but for he moment I can offer you only this pattern which is already listed in my shop! Enjoy! :-)


Anonymous said...

These are by far my favorites! Way too cute!!

Lori Taube

Megan said...

soo cute!