Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had wonderful Holidays! We enjoyed very much this Christmas and New Years Eve. Our boy is growing and his shining eyes and big smile makes us very happy. It brings us back to our childhood when Christmas was a magic, it was time of big hopes and big surprises.
And now here is 2010! I remember many years ago I was thinking how will be my life in 2010? It is important year for me as I will become 30! I have to say I am glad about where I am, who I am and with whom I am. These 30 years were very interesting, I had big ups and downs. My life several times completely changed in the way I could never imagine. But I was lucky because I always had wonderful people around me, who were teaching me a lot and helped me to grow in all senses.
I wish you a great year! I wish you to have always good people around who could help, could support if something not very nice happens, who could be near to you to share your happiness, your success, which is sometimes even more difficult... and I wish you to dream! Like in childhood! There must be a place for dreams in our lives. When becoming an adults we forget about dreams. Everyday life, duties are leaving very little space for them! But it is not right! We all should be a little bit childish... our children will teach us... just let them do it!
Happy New Year!

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