Monday, March 22, 2010

I am back!!!!!!!

I know, I know... it is been sooooo long time I didn't write anything here... I was coming here, I was happy for each new follower (by the way - welcome everyone!), for each comment... but I was just too busy to write. Big changes are happening in my life now, I would say - wonderful changes. I will speak about them more another time. Actually I have so many things to post about and for sure I will! I have many interesting projects I would like to share with you (and not only knitting and crocheting). Well, let's begin with something...

Today I listed two new patterns in my Etsy shop. It is the pattern for Baby Strap Shoes and for Baby Ribbon Lace Booties. Lower part is the same for both patterns, I would say it is a two versions of one pattern. I am sure they will be absolutely great for this time of the year. Both can be very easily made for a boy or a girl - just play with the colours!
Another thing I would like to tell is about one new Etsy shop, here it is!

My friend Julia is running this shop. She is very talented knitter, and I know she has great ideas and many more patterns are on the way to her shop. You are welcome to visit it and keep an eye for more patterns to come!
For the moment that's all! But I will be back sooner than you think, with many other news! :-)