Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I've been away for a while...

As you could notice I was away for a while... June was a month full of rest, joy and traveling... and almost no crocheting or knitting! :-)
First we celebrated our little son's 3rd birthday! I can't believe he is already 3! My mother and brother joined us and it was a great day!

Then we took a boat and went to the beach for one week! We had marvelous weather and a lot of sun!

When our guests were away we took our suitcase and went for another week to Tuscany! We love it and always enjoy staying there!

Now we are back! I missed my hooks and yarn, and now I have a new wave of inspiration, so many new patterns are on the way! Stay tuned! :-)


Amy said...

What beautiful photos! I do hope you know how lucky you are to live in such a beautiful p[lace in this world! I would just love to be that close to such beauty!
Happy 3rd to your little sweetheart...my oldest is now 5 and time really does fly by just to fast!

Shanti said...

Lovely Pictures!!!

Jewelrydesignes by Dee said...

Hi, Your yard is beautilul with all the foilage drapping down and the huge tree in the background, great pictures of your family.
Thanks for sharing.