Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How to make baby booties “stay on”?

Sometimes I receive questions about how to make the booties stay-on. Finally I decided to put together all advices I have so you can use them. If you discovered your own "tricks" you are welcome to share them! :-)

1. The most important thing is to make the booties in the right size. If they are too small or too big most probably it will be very easy for a baby to take them off. If the pattern offers only one size you can adjust the size using different kind of yarn – thicker or thinner, and bigger or smaller crochet hook.

2. It also depends on which kind of yarn do you use. From my experience best “stay on” results are giving natural yarns – cotton, wool. The worst – 100% acrylic. You should avoid using 100% acrylic yarn for baby sandals and low booties.

3. Make the strap shorter. If you see that the bootie is getting of baby’s foot too easily make the strap shorter.

4. Sew on a piece of elastic on the back of the heel. You should do it in the following way – first attach both ends to the bootie, then stretch the elastic and make a seam.

5. Work an extra row along the back of heel and work 2 sc together as many times as you can, like this the back of the heel will be tighter and the bootie will stay on better.

6. First put the socks and only then booties

I hope these advices will be helpful.

By the way here is my newest pattern for baby sandals - Foulard Baby Sandals

I hope my little girl will wear them a lot this summer! :-)

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Unknown said...

I use a piece of 1/8 inch wide elastic and a tiny safety pin to thread it through the stitches of row around baby's ankle to hide it, then fit elastic around baby ankle to not be to tight and sew the ends together, pull to hide ends. I Olson have used elastic thread crocheted in the pattern in 1 to 2 rows around ankle, tie around first stitch then crochet with pattern with some tension to make it snug then tie off and crochet at least one more row to hide any elastic that shows. These 2 methods work fore me depending on yarn used. Make sure to use black elastic for dark colors and white elastic for lighter colors to blend better.