Sunday, July 24, 2011

Our weekend...

Well, it was a sad weekend. First of all I couldn't stop thinking about what happened in Norway. It is terrible! My heart is with all people who have to go through this, who lost their children... their family members... it is such a pain. Then arrived the news about Amy Winehouse... so sad... Yes, she was absolutely self destructive and such end was predictable, but she was only 27, and she was so talented...
It was raining all weekend here, and though I always enjoy staying at home while outside is bad weather (what can be better than being in cozy home, crocheting and watching children playing while outside is rainy and windy?!), I felt like we needed some cheer up! A few days ago I came across this recipe and I knew at once - I have to try it! It was the right moment to do it. And here is the result!
It was exactly what I needed... :-) Only instead of raspberries I used mix of berries.
Have a good week my friends! :-)

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