Monday, November 14, 2011

Miracle Earflap Hat...

With first cold days I had to fight with my little girl about wearing the hat! She just hated all beautiful hats I made for here, with tears in her eyes she was immediately taking them off and throwing away as far as possible. After she was trying to cover her ears with her little hands as she was understanding that something was wrong and it is quite cold now. But anyway - every time I was putting the hat back, she did the same thing. My little boy was doing the same at her age and at that time we found a compromise with hat-hoodie. This time it didn't work. I was almost ready to buy a hat made from tissue, thinking that maybe she will like it more. But then I decided to make last try. I bought this beautiful alpaca yarn (I used it in 4 strands to get it as worsted weight yarn) which is incredibly soft I made a new hat for my little girl. And OH, MIRACLE happened. She loves it! She even wears it at home! :-))) After first try (as I wanted check the size) I quickly took it off thinking she will cry again, but no - she was angry I took it off and for the whole evening she was proudly walking around the house wearing her new hat! :-) Well, that is why I call it Miracle Hat! :-) I hope your children will like it as well! 

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