Friday, November 25, 2011

Non-crochet projects!

Well, I always wanted to learn to sew. I knew some basic things and was making some sewing projects, but I always wanted to do something more, to learn something new. There are so many talented ladies around who inspired me and I took a challenge. Maybe my experience will inspire you as well. :-)
I was inspired by this photo and this gorgeous sofa cover.
photo comes form here

It is been long time I naturally hated my sofa! I was trying to cover it in many different ways but was never satisfied. I found this tutorial and decided that I MUST try it. And so here is my "new" sofa. It took me one day to make it (I started around lunchtime and in the late evening  it was ready)! Fortunately at that time my mother was visiting us and she kept children busy, otherwise of course it would be much, much longer. And finally I am in love with my sofa! :-)

I used vintage fabric from Paris, France, I got from my mother in law. I had it for a very long time but couldn't decide what to do with it. I guess it simply had to wait for it's moment. :-)
Another thing which I didn't like about my living room were curtains! I changed them many times and there was always something wrong. Then I saw this picture and knew -  that's it! I want these curtains! 

I ordered fabric on internet and had a bad surprise when I got it and saw it's much, much thicker than I would need. So I had to change the plans. At the end I decided to leave only top ruffle and I made two braids from fabric to gather them, and here they are:


Tomorrow I will share what I made for my little girl - another sewing project! :-)


Piril Maria said...

Pretty images. And Im guessing every girl is a little fan of this. =)
Great blog, i followed. Hope you dont mind. And maybe youll visit me someday.

Mon Petit Violon said...

Thank you and welcome! Your blog is beautiful! Following you as well! :-)