Monday, January 9, 2012

New year's resolutions...

I think I never had so many resolutions as for 2012. :-) Some of them are:
* be organized (I will tell you more about this resolution another time);
* get rid of all things we don't need and most important DON'T BUY things we don't need;
* be more patient (this is a hard one);
* spend more quality time with Alex (it includes - teach him to read and write - he is already making great progress, but there is still long way to go);
* again - be more patient with Sophie! Oh, this girl! She is like little princess in this house. But those dramas!!! I was used to deal with a boy and it is completely different story. And now I am so impressed by how (we) girls can easily make drama from NOTHING! :-) My husband says I do exactly the same! :-)
There are also a few resolutions concerning my photography skills:
* find everyday what inspires you and make a photo;
* take more often photos of myself with children. I don't know why this lately is so important for me. Probably because I have a very few photos of me with my mother when I was a child; maybe because from photos, as I am always behind the camera, it seems that I am not there with them and I am missing something... I really don't know, but I decided that this year I will work on this. I guess it means you will see my face here much more often, haha! I hope you don't mind! :-) 
Have a great week!


DesertHermeneutics said...

Love your photo! The resolutions are similar to what I've had as well, and they seem to be ongoing year-after-year. Thanks for sharing!

Loralou said...

I think you need to add on there:
-make lots more fab crochet patterns!

jkluke said...

I will enjoy seeing photos of you and your kids. You are an inspiration:)

kalypso said...

Different culture but same resolutions. Especially No 5... I experience exactly the same situation. Have a wonderful 2012. Greetings from Greece

Mon Petit Violon said...

Thank you, ladies! :-)
Loralou, haha, I thought that one I even don't need to mention! :-) That is my everyday's resolution :-)