Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy moments...

Lately life slowed down quite a lot here. We have really bad weather. Trieste is very famous for a very strong wind - Bora. It goes on now for days and days (yesterday even with some snow) and I am blocked at home with Sophie, as I am afraid to get out. The wind is so strong, people are falling on the streets, something can also very easily fall on your head from the broken roofs... well, it is not exactly how I imagine nice morning walk with a child. So, we are staying cozy at home... but it makes me really lazy... I need back my everyday routine! It organizes me! I know how much time I have for this and that and I feel fresh and full of energy when I come back from a walk. Now I just feel lazy and would like to stay on my sofa with a book for a whole day... that's no good. :-) And Sophie is not happy about this as well. I guess she is just waiting when big brother comes home from his "school" so they can play together and she can leave in peace her lazy mother...  :-)
Well, I miss the beautiful sunny days we had some time ago, when I snapped all these photos. They make me happy. I am a weather person. :-)

Tomorrow will come first "Crochet Tips" post. Stay tuned! :-)

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