Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy Monday!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! :-)
I am still very behind my "to do" list... after the terrible flu we had here needed some time of rest and peace, and more family time. It is exactly what we did this weekend. :-)
But the most urgent things to do now are:
* finish the pattern for ladies shrug or vest (it is almost finished so hopefully this week I will release it);
* make photos for next "crochet tips" post;
* list many new items in my shop where I sell finished items;
Oh, I can go on for quite long with urgent and not so urgent things to do...
Well, hopefully this week I will manage to shorten my "to do" list :-)
Have a great week!


jkluke said...

It's good to see you back. Great photo! Your little guy is getting so big. I can't wait to see your new ladies pattern! Feel better:)

Mariann said...

What settings do you have on your camera? The pictures are amazing!
Love your work too :)

Best Regards Mariann - Following your inspiring blog from Norway.

Mon Petit Violon said...

Jkluke, Thank you! :-) Children grow up so fast, too fast I would say! He is getting really big, but I love this age! All toddler caprices are over and now we can speak about so many things... it is so interesting to discover his point of view! And he really has "his point of view" about everything! :-)

Mon Petit Violon said...

Mariann, I always forget which settings I use. Most of the time I am making experiments and then something good comes out. Though I learned a few things lately:
*you should take your photos in RAW format (it is much easier to edit them and the quality is much better)
*you should take care about ISO (it should be low if the light is good; in this photo it was 400)
I also edit my photos in photoshop (exposure - it is very easy to edit it if you took photo in RAW format, also sharpening) and I just love MCP actions!

jkluke said...

Wow, the mcpactions look complicated. Is it? I love photography too.