Friday, April 20, 2012

Now you...

I was taking photos for my new patterns I released on these days, when Sophie (after eating her yogurt, you can still see it on her face) joined me. It was a perfect moment to take a photo of us, even with messy face :-)

If you remember one my this year resolution was to take more photos of me with my children. For a while I am also following this blog "Shutter Sisters" where talented ladies share their inspiration, experience and life. And so, when I saw this post I knew I have to join this e-course. It is just what I was thinking for the past months or even years:
"I need to change, and I have been on this path searching for the beauty of me. Not about the pretty, all about the proof. The proof of my life.  The ME in our moments. I want my children to look back and have proof of this me now, and the me tomorrow, and the me 5 years from now."

If you feel the same you can join us here! :-)

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jkluke said...

Great picture. This really brings out the fact that she has your eyes:)