Monday, July 16, 2012

Oh, Paris... I will miss you...

We are back! We had marvelous time in Paris. In spite of the weather. It was quite cold and rainy, but it didn't matter. Paris was beautiful as always. After Italian heat it was also quite refreshing and we were happy about it.
Here are some pics from our stay in Paris. Later this week I will make longer post about our trip. I didn't make that many photos as I always do when we go somewhere. I had to force myself to take the camera, because all I wanted to do was to enjoy the moment... every single moment we spent in this beautiful city. But I am glad I forced myself as almost all photos we made are so beautiful (usually at least one third is going to be deleted, but not this time). Paris is so photogenic that you can't make bad photos there! :-)
Well, it was so sad to leave and I already want to go back there. :-)


The Crafty Nana said...

It looks beautiful My husband I will be heading to France and Paris in September. Hope we enjoy it as much as you did.

jamie said...

Oh i wish i could visit!