Sunday, August 2, 2009

1000th sale and vacation...

On Friday I had my 1000th sale!!! :-))) I wanted to make some virtual celebration, but as very very soon I am going on holidays I decided to postpone it. BUT, only till my coming back! On 17th of August there will be a SURPRISE for everybody! :-)
Now about vacation mode for my shop - we are departing tomorrow early in the morning, BUT as first 5 days I will be in the place where I will have access to Internet I decided not to close my shop till 7th of August. :-)


marshmellowmagic said...

Congratulations on reaching the BIG 1000, Happy holidaying

Mrs MacOlsson said...

I discovered your blog through etsy - thank you for sharing your beautiful patterns. I have ordered one, and will give the booties to my best friend who was due to have her baby yesterday! I also love crocheting, you are welcome to look at my blog too.