Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My favorite yarn shop!

Very, very often I receive questions about the yarn I use - which brand is it and where I buy it. Well, here we go.
I was almost always purchasing my yarn online. Yarn shops here are simply unaffordable. I am yarn addicted, I need many and different kind, different colors and I am sure my budget would suffer a lot if I would buy my yarn in local shops. So after using eBay and some other websites, I was very happy when I discovered this shop: They are from Turkey. Yes, some yarn is let's say in very Turkish style, don't want to offend anyone. But they also have excellent and at the same time cheap yarn. I will share some of my favorites:

Almost everything what is in Category - Luxury Premium Yarns is worth buying.
For many my patterns I used Soft Merino yarn and I love it!
Viscose Merino yarn, the one I used for my Petal Infinity Scarf is marvelous too.
Very nice yarns for summer are: Cotton Elite, Nomade Cotton and Viscose Premium.

I could go on for very long actually, but I am sure if you browse through their shop you will find many, many lovely yarns.

The types I mentioned they have for quite long time and many colors are not available anymore. But almost every week (especially during the winter) they list new types. Then you have to hurry on to get the best colors! :-) On Tuesdays they make special discounts. Shipping is very fast, though quite expensive, but as the yarn by itself is very cheap at the end it is very convenient to buy from them anyway. They do ship to US too! :-)

Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the online yarn source. I have been very curious about what yarns you use. :)

Anonymous said...

I too want to thank you for providing your yarn source. I wonder though is the customs duty very expensive? I'm not sure where you live but would like some kind of idea if you don't mind. You said the shipping costs were kind of expensive. I know it's usually dependent on how much you buy but could you give us an idea of how much?
Thanks Julie

Mon Petit Violon said...

The shipping cost depends on how much yarn you order. You should add to the cart the yarn you want and then go to your cart, choose your country and you will see how much does it cost all together. About duty I don't know. I live in Italy and I don't pay anything extra. I think it is included in the shipping price, but you should write them, I am sure they will know better.