Saturday, August 13, 2011

Our Holidays (Part 1)!

Did you notice I was away? :-) Well, we were away on holidays. Each summer we are trying to explore Italy and visit new places. Usually it is a mix of new places and places where we love to come back again and again. It is exactly what we did this time and we had the most amazing time.
Of course it is not always easy to travel with two small children, but I was well prepared and at the end everything went better than I expected.
So, here is a short review of our trip! :-)
First stop we made in Arezzo.

If you ever have a chance to visit Arezzo make sure you go to this restaurant. They are the best! The food is excellent and the place is very charming. Every time we go to Arezzo we go to them and we never got disappointed.

The next stop was Tarquinia! My first impression was - but where are all the people?! It looked empty! But then I just fall in love with this place. There is beautiful beach just 15 minutes away from the town.

From Tarquinia we went to Tuscania! Another fantastic (almost unknown) town!

After exploring new places we (at least me) never visited before, we were happy to arrive to our favorite town in Tuscany - Lucca!

Did you know Puccini was born in Lucca? You can feel it everywhere...

Every day half day we were spending in Viareggio on the beach! Here finally I could have rest... both children were playing in sand and I even could read a book and didn't need to run after them non stop as I usually do. It was perfect! Some kind of magical place! :-)

In afternoon we were enjoying charming atmosphere of Lucca and every evening we had to go to carousel as my little one couldn't get enough of it. :-)

Second and the best part coming soon! :-)

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