Sunday, August 14, 2011

Our Holidays (Part 2)!

So, here is a second part of our trip. After Lucca we went to Chiavari. Another beautiful town. It had very French look and I loved it!

Probably the most interesting part of this trip was visiting Le Cinque Terre. 5 beautiful towns! There were paths from one town to another but I couldn't make it! :-) So, we had to make short trips by train from one town to another. But it was worth it! Simply beautiful!

That's it! :-) On the way back we also visited Florence, but for very short.
I hope you are having wonderful summer too! :-) Now we have to get back to our routine, do some other nice things before September and get ready for school and work. :-)


jkluke said...

So beautiful! I love seeing your pictures as I will probably never visit these places but enjoy the beauty sent from you.

AniaM said...

Love your photos and your work! You're very talented.