Friday, November 11, 2011


Well, lately I feel more and more that Christmas time is not that far... this year I began to think about gifts very in advance. Usually I leave it for the last minute and then I get desperate and have a few very stressful days. This year everything is going to be different. I am going to share some finds with you (I can't share everything, you know, some things must remain in secret till Christmas! :-) ). But here they are! Two books I ordered and I am very excited about. First I bought them just for myself, but then I thought that these ones could be perfect as gifts too. Both are from Anthropologie.
THINK, WRITE, CREATE - little planner book, but oh my - it is full of inspiration, it is beautiful and so nice to use (it even has small pocket where to put small photos, or anything you like).

you can get it here!

Another book is Q&A A Day. Every day you have to answer one question. Isn't it fun?! You can use this book for 5 years and follow how your answers are changing with time. :-)

this journal is available here!

And one more option for a gift! :-)
I just listed my newest pattern - Striped Mittens! The pattern available here!

In my country (I don't mean Italy :-) ) the most popular gifts for Christmas - are mittens! And that's why mittens always associates for me with Christmas time. Well, you see I am totally ready for Holidays! :-)
Have a good weekend!   

P.S. I finally figured out how to add large photos to my blog posts! Still so many things to learn! :-)

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