Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It is time for handmade gifts...

I know it is only November :-) But we have to think about those things in advance, right? And what can be better for Christmas than handmade gifts?! It is the best time of the year when to take your needles or crochet hook and start some fun projects to please your loved ones or yourself. I am sure you will enjoy making this Bobble Snood or Poncho

 There are two options - or you make it as a snood,, or you add a neck part and it becomes cute poncho! It works up very quickly as you have to use bulky weight yarn and 6mm crochet hook. I made mine just in a couple of evenings and my little ones don't let me to crochet for long... :-)
I also made a pattern for baby trousers! They are simple and very easy to make but they look sooo cute! You can make them striped or in one colour. I am sure after you made one pair you will want to make them again and again in all possible colors! :-)
 I already made 3 pairs for my little girl! :-) I hope soon to share some photos of her wearing them... a while ago she started to walk and now is running away from the camera faster than I can press the button! :-) 


Masche für Masche said...
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Masche für Masche said...

What gorgeous patterns! The Snood is beautiful.