Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Life lately...

Lately every time I get out of home I take my camera with me and try to use it whenever I have a chance. And so, here are shots I made this week... 

(1) While having a walk with Sophie (as always at this time of the day she got asleep in her stroller) I snapped a self portrait. I am wearing my Cocoon Snood.

(2) Trieste's street life.

(3) We have cold, but sunny days here. Love the blue sky.

(4) Sophie's boots from Zara kids.

(5) White tree and blue sky.

(6) Alex playing in the park.

P.S. Hoping to release new pattern tomorrow! Stay tuned! :-)


Katarina said...

Great photos. I just realized you live very close to me, I live near Rovigno! I am planning to visit Trieste for a very long time, all my friends go shopping there. I hope you can suggest me good yarn shopping places. Thanks!

Mon Petit Violon said...

Katarina, I must admit I almost never buy yarn in Trieste. There are a few nice yarn shops here, but they all are extremely expensive. I am not ready to spend 6-7 euros for one skein of yarn... Usually I buy my yarn here: www.yarn-paradise.com They have great yarn and best prices! In Trieste you can get nice and well priced yarn on the markets - usually they take place on Viale 20 Settembre before Christmas and before Easter. Good luck! :-)

Katarina said...

Thank you, I just ordered some nice organic cotton yarn from them :) Although when I pay the shipping fee price is the same for our yarn too, just the choice here is poor. All yarns are about 2euro, they are great, I just needed achange I guess. Thanks again, I can't wait to get my yarn :)