Friday, January 13, 2012

Tea time!

Remember one my resolution was - each day make a photo of what inspires you! Today it was a cup of tea with lime and almond cookie... :-)

We are tea lovers here! In Italy almost nobody is drinking tea. Everyone is drinking coffee and if in the bar you would ask for tea they would look at you like "come on! who is drinking tea???". But in our family we love it! Our favorite tea shop is    It is the best tea I ever tried and now I simply can't drink anything else. They even have their own garden in Tibet and you can get green tea from there, isn't it smart?! :-)
Some time ago their tea was available here in some shops, but as I said - here people don't drink tea, and it disappeared from shops as well. So, twice a year we are ordering from them online and never get disappointed. You must try it if you never did! You won't regret!  :-)

Happy weekend!


jkluke said...

Are you a native of Italy? My son, a senior in college, loves tea; I looked at the website but I would have no idea what to order for him:)

Mon Petit Violon said...

Well, it depends which kind of tea your son prefers - green, red, black, with fruits or any other flavors... Here are my favorits:

I am not Italian (I was born in Riga, Latvia), but I live in Italy :-)

DesertHermeneutics said...

YUM!!!! I love tea!