Saturday, March 7, 2009


Hello to everybody!
I am just beginner in blogging, this is my first experience, but it seems so exciting...
My name is Vita. I was born in Latvia, Riga. Now I live in Italy, Trieste. I am married with french man, and we have amazing little boy - our son Alexandre! This blog will be about my life, my works - crochet and knitting projects, and about anything interesting I see around!
It is Spring time, I love it and it is just the right moment to begin something new!

First I wanted to tell you about place where I live. Trieste!

It is very close to the border with Austria and Slovenia. I would say that it is almost not Italy, it rather looks like Austrian town than Italian. We are surrounded by mountains and sea!

But we have one very big advantage! Trieste is quite close to Venice! I LOVE it! It is absolutely amazing place and we use any occasion to go there. Here are some pics I made last summer! Enjoy!

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