Sunday, April 5, 2009

My lemon tree!

Every Spring here we have Flower Market. I love it and would like to buy all those flowers. We went there a few days ago and I could enjoy all those beautiful flowers and dream about how great they could look on my balcony... at the end I didn't buy anything and decided to come back later when I will have better idea how I would like to decorate my balcony this year and when I will see which my flowers survived this winter. But... I always wanted to have a lemon tree! And my husband knew it! We saw them also on that flower market and I mentioned how great it would be to have one! Next day my husband came home with a LEMON TREE! I was so happy! It still has one lemon from last season, and already many new flowers are coming out, so it means I will have my own lemons! :-)

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