Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Yesterday was my birthday and here is a free pattern for you...

So, I officially turned 31! Good age ... though I must admit I was feeling that I get older till I turned 25 and since then I always feel as 25 years old! :-)))
And now about the pattern! Since I have my baby girl I was thinking about making for hear bear hat... babies are so cute wearing them. And here it is! It is so easy to make and you can choose or you knit it or crochet. I added sizes from newborn to 2 years.
Here you can download the pattern - Little Bear Hat
By the way, my daughter in this photo is wearing Raglan Baby Sweater I made for her!

Enjoy! :-)


Unknown said...

I love it! SO ADORABLE!!

Happy Birthday!

Sara said...

Aww, a sweet hat for a sweeter baby!

Happy birthday, Vita! : )

Sandy Krout said...

well happy birthday! just found you on etsy and i love your items. just bought 5!

szafranteach said...

Thank you for the pattern. I was looking for a quick cute hat for my friend's newborn. I made two and they were a BIG hit! Quick and easy. I wasn't able to add the crochet edging because I am lacking those skills.

I am sure to get more requests.

Shirley said...

Happy birthday, Vita! I just love your designs! I have bought quite a few of your patterns and am always checking back for new ones.