Wednesday, June 22, 2011


So, here we are! I had a pause from crocheting, designing and writing and instead had small holidays! First my mom and my brother joined us to celebrate my little boy's 4th birthday! I can't believe he is 4! But he is really 4 and lately is behaving as a really big and smart boy. It is a wonderful age! I can speak with him like with a man and it is so cute to discover everything he has in his mind and the way he thinks is so fascinating. Sometimes I do get tired of his "why?" and "what is it?" especially when I don't know how to explain something... but it is so cute! I begin to see things in other way too, I notice so many things I didn't notice before.
My little princess is doing great too! She learned to stay on her feet, she likes to dance, and she adores her big brother. When my boy is back from day care I can relax - she is very busy following him, trying to participate in his games (which he doesn't like that much, for now, I hope...).
We also had small family trip. We went to Venice, to Lido di Venezia where we found wonderful beach. We stayed in this charming hotel:
And here are some photos from our trip.

Wishing you are wonderful summer!


StickochVirka said...

Hello! I would like to buy "Chose any 4 patterns" at your Etsy shop but I can not understand how i shall do. I would like: Baby Ribbon lace Botties + Candy Pink Baby Cardigan + Baby Ribbon lace Booites + Multi Coloured Top at the price of 12 USD. Can you help med to understand how i shall do?

Mon Petit Violon said...


Well, you should purchase this listing and simply write me which patterns you want. You can do it through conversations or in "message to the seller" at check out. Thank you! :-)

StickochVirka said...

Thank you for your answer, i will try and fix it now. Sorry, my english is not so good.