Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thinking of Autumn Hat!

Rainy and windy weekend we had here made me think about Autumn. I love it. I love when suddenly after hot days you can breath easier, you feel wind and fresh air, smell of falling leaves... I love to wear again my cardigans, scarves, coats. I love to dress my children in warm and comfy clothes to protect them and to make them feel even more loved. And here is the result of all these feelings - Thinking of Autumn Hat. :-)
Pattern is available here!

By the way, my daugther is wearing her Sleeveless Cardigan. Pattern is available here: I simply made it in one color instead of using 3 different colors.


jkluke said...

What a precious girl you have. I love her sweater too. I have bought many of your patterns; now I need to get started. You are so talented and I love benefiting from that.

I also enjoy looking at the pictures of your beautiful country.

Mon Petit Violon said...

Thank you! :-))) By the way the sweater is Sleeveless Cardigan available here: I simply made it in one colour. :-)

jkluke said...

Oh, good to know. I think that is one of the patterns I bought. I haven't really done much knitting but, like it enough to give it a try.

Fit With Flash said...

i need to go back to crochet lessons... i adore this.