Sunday, April 15, 2012

The trip home...

Riga, old city

We just came back home from our trip to Riga (Latvia), my home city. It is 2 and a half years I haven't been there. So I was really looking for this trip and it was perfect. I could finally do all things which were waiting for me there, I could meet my old friends, I could spend time with my relatives (though they were coming to meet us in Italy, I always miss them).
It is not easy to travel with two small children but at the end everything went better than I expected. It was first time Sophie was taking an airplane, but she was happy. Though she made very big scandal at the check-in as we had to wait in a very long queue (it is crazy that there is no special check-in service for people traveling with kids, especially the small ones, and it is even more crazy that when you are traveling with infant you can't make check-in from home!!!). But then when the plane was taking off Alex started to laugh, (I guess it was because all the strange feelings you have in your stomach at that moment), and Sophie seeing her big brother laughing started to laugh too. :-) Usually children cry at that moment, but we had two laughing kids! :-) On the way back they did the same, only Alex yelled "yahooo!" as well... :-) I am glad they took it so easy!

I didn't take many photos. Just a few ones.

Next morning after arrival. 
Riga, park

When we arrived it was very cold there, one day it was even snowing. Children were very happy to see the snow, to play with it. But at the end the weather got much better, and we could enjoy sunny and quite warm days. 

My beautiful friend with Sophie. 
Sophie is wearing my Mustard Bow Dress, only she wears it inside out :-) and you can't see the bow :-)

But don't think I was having only fun there. It is a place which inspires me quite a lot, and so I brought home two new designs for baby booties. :-) I remember the last time I was in Riga I created these three patterns:

                        Lilac baby Slippers                                                        Green Mary Janes                                                    Baby Ankle Boots            

No need to say the pattern for Baby Ankle Boots is still my bestseller. I hope you will like the new patterns as well. :-) I hope to release them very soon. 

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Kristin said...

Looks like a wonderful trip! I can't wait to see the new patterns! :)