Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sophie's cardigan!

I just realized I didn't post here about my newest pattern... :-)
I made this cardigan last year but never could get back to it to write the pattern. I loved it and thought it was a pity to leave it like this. So, I decided that Sophie needs another cardigan (or even two!) and I finally finished to write the pattern.
On the first photo you can see Sophie wearing it last year when she was 10 months old.
And here are two recent photos - one version with short sleeves and another with long sleeves.

Both versions are included in the pattern. The pattern is written for 3 sizes - 6-12 months; 2-3 years; 4-5 years.
It is very easy to make and it looks great for any occasion. I am sure you will want to make more than one! :-)
For white cardigan I used this yarn in cream color: Camilla Cotton
For the pink one this one (my color is not available anymore): Cashwool
(Cashwool is thinner than normal Sport weight yarn, so probably you will need to go with one size up crochet hook to get the right gauge) 
For instant download visit my Craftsy shop: Sophie's Cardigan
Or buy it in my Etsy shop: Sophie's Cardigan