Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Garage sale…

I was always giving away all our clothes for charity, but through the years I kept the favorite pieces from my children wardrobe. 
Finally I decided to give them away and thought maybe you will be interested in some of them.
All the money from these sales will be donated for children in need.
For Europe shipping is FREE, if you are interested to buy them from oversea I will have to add additional charge for shipping.
So, if you want to buy something, please write me to vita_apala@yahoo.com . Let me know which piece or pieces you are interested about and write me your PayPal address. I will send the invoice to your email and first who pays – get’s it! :-) If you buy several pieces I will make you 10% discount as I will save on shipping. Happy shopping! :-)
1. ZARA, size 18-24 months, 86cm. Condition – like new!
Price – 12 euros!
2. Absorba, size – 9months. Color – pink. Condition – from outside it looks like new, though on inner side on the left front there are some light yellowish spots. I tried to capture them with camera, but they didn’t show up. So, they are really light and the coat is really lovely. The sleeves are made with gloves, so it is just perfect for a baby girl  to keep  her warm and comfy!
Price: 15 euros
3.Tweedy trench, size – 9 months, 74cm. Color – light beige. Condition – like new!
Price – 15 euros.
4.Boboli, size 3 months, but it is quite big (I would say it would fit up to 9 months). Condition – like new! It is really warm and well made!
Price – 20 euros. 
5. 3 Pommes, size 9 months, but it is quite narrow in shoulders. Condition – like new!
Price – 15 euros.
6.Agatha Ruiz della Prada, size 36 months, but also quite narrow in shoulders, I would say that it’s great for 2 years old! Condition – like new!
price – 15 euros
SOLD! 7.This coat is made by me! The material is lovely and it is almost like new. Size 12-18 months.
Price – 9 euros (mainly just to cover shipping expenses :-) )
8.ZARA, size 12-18 months. Condition – like new!
price – 10 euros
9.ZARA, 6-9 months, 74cm. Condition – like new.
Price – 9 euros.
10.ZARA, 12-18 months. Condition – good. I can’t say that it really looks like new, but there are no spots or something. Just that it was worn a little bit more than other pieces I am selling.
Price – 10 euros.
11.PETIT BATEAU, size 12 months, 74cm, but it’s really big. I am sure it fits up to 18 months, or till the moment the baby is not walking (as feet are covered and that part is not removable the baby who already walks will not like it ! :-) ). 
Condition – good! It is has small spots on the front of the inner side. From outside it is like new. It is very warm and comfortable for baby.
Price - 30 euros.  (New it costed around 80 or 90 euros)
12.Chicco, size – 3 months, 56cm. Color – light grey. Condition – like new! It is just perfect for a baby who is born in winter months. All you need is included – gloves, hoodie and kind of warm boots. Its made with special Thermore system. In other words – when it is really cold – it protects the baby more than other clothes, but when it is warm, it doesn’t warm up the baby too much.
Price – 35 euros. (New costs around 90 euros)
13.Sweet Heart Rose, size 12 months. Color – lilac with white, striped. Condition – good! There are small spots on the hem of the dress. Otherwise it’s still looking great. 
price – 10 euros.
14.Millie and Boris (from Mamas&Papas). There is no tag with the size, but it is pretty big. I think it fits up to 2 years. This is a great thing for safe sleeping. You don’t need to worry that baby could cover his face with the blanket, or that he will sleep uncovered.
It is not very warm though, made from cotton and linen. So, I would say it is perfect for summer months, or if at home where you live it is really warm during the winter months.
Condition – like new!
Price – 15 euros. 

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